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Candle Bright

Not just scented, but triple scented (the scent changes as it melts).


All lit up


How do they fit such a big thing in such a little box?


Relief in Sight

P8292548Ice. The joy of iftaar on hot day.

Goin down the Nordic Path

P8031987Woohoo, after must hesitation and careful thinking, we finally decided to get an elliptical.  *bounces with joy*


Hilarious unpacking instructions.  As though you could just simply pick it up from the box.  Haha!

P8031976.Made in India.

Shiney New Faucets!

P8031966P8031972I’ve always loved these types of faucets! ❤


Fixing Up…

P7281917We had a leak in the pipe, and so the wall needed to be broken, and thus now needs fixing…