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A Very Sweet Eid


Sparkly Grey


P7251820P7251823Ramadan’s comin quickly…

Time for a change

P7181696P7181695P7181694Bought in Makkah during Hajj.  Wasn’t using it all this while and decided to start using it now…

P7131577I bought this during Hajj, but never knew where it was since we got back.  Four years later I pestered my sister, and she found it for me.  Gotta love big sisters. ❤

The Dome

P6291413A prayer rug from India.

Beautifully Blue


..Printed in the UAE..

Beautifully Blue

P6161300P6161302[.clearly photoshopped.]


From Surah Qassas…

[.Clearly Photoshopped.]

At Peace…