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This calendar seriously rocks, and I’m not even a feminazi.


Several years ago, there used to be a building here that rented out halls for parties and stuff, and a little Muslim congregation rented it out weekly for Jumuah prayers.  Then it was sold, demolished and turned into a store.  Not the best picture I know.  But whatever.

Almost sold out

…but it looked great on somebody else, so I still get to enjoy seeing it! 😀

P8302564Oh, the joy of having had smelled this during my fast. -_-

I spy a Blimp!


A pot of kohl

P8222392Made in the USA!


Such a cool pot. 🙂P8222396

Oh, Noodles!

P8102177Yep, I could eat noodles plain everyday if momma alloweded me. 😛