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It sucks not being able to finish a good book.I’ve got to look for this at the library.


Books Rule

Too serious for me…


Neon Lights in the Dark


Cassette to MP3

P8092133Converting some cassettes slowly over to MP3.  Woo.

My New Pet

P7271905P7271906Wait, that sounds gross…putting a mouse in the context of a pet.   But ah, I love it! 😉

The Lil Pink Alarm

P7261858Heh.  I love the cute lil pinkness.  😛

P7021433The true story of an innocent man put on death row and later exonerated.  Really sad…

…only exists in a novel? :X

0608091512-00I only kid. 😛

0608091617-01Next on my list to read. 🙂