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How many buds can you count?





Jumuah Mubarak!

P5291005Mama’s ladoos are the bestest, mashaAllah!

Unfinished business…

0528091349-00Apparently it’s ok to leave an art project incomplete.  Or rather in ruins. 😛

The Chipper Hibiscus


To my special baadshah…

P5260982P5270990May the years ahead of you be happier ones, filled with strong imaan, health and prosperity.  Ameen! ❤

My sister made the cake (and spilled a lil as she was filling the cases, and I was evil enough to take a picture) and I decorated it. 🙂

P5260950LOL, after I took it I noticed the heart in the background.  This was a totally random picture, no message behind it.


P5250928Well…an engraved crown.  Sheesh, seriously of all places, Her Majesty chose a bottle of lip gloss?  Weirdo Queeny. 😛